Australia’s Top Venomous Snakes

Australia is actually known are having the most venomous snakes in the world; however, for whatever reason, most of the snakes on this continent are fairly shy in regards to humans and rarely seek to attack. With that in mind, snake bites are not very common in this part of the world- thankfully considering how dangerous the top 6 most venomous snakes in Australia are!

The first category contains the Taipan snakes, which can grow up to 11 feet long, and they live in dry plains or grasslands. What is astounding is the fact that it’s venom is 50 times more powerful than the cobras in India and with one bite, it has enough power to kill over 250,000 mice! With that to be said, there has never been a reported death caused by a Taipans snake– due in part to the development of an efficient and effective anti venom.
Next on the list are Brown snakes– one of the fastest types of snakes in this area which targets mice and rats which bring it close to populated areas and towns. Oddly enough, if you are in a close proximity with one of these snakes, they still would prefer to flee rather than bite- or they may just give a bite as a warning by not excreting any venom.

taipan snake

Black snakes are the third category of the most venomous snakes in Australia. These snakes have venom, that alone is not super toxic, however, they have the ability to inject such large quantities of venom that it can be fatal if left untreated. These snakes usually feed on frogs or small mammals and can grow to be as long as 7 or 8 feet.

Tiger snakes are dangerous because they generally live in populated areas and encounter people quite frequently. They usually give multiple warning signs before striking with a poisonous bite, they give a very impressive show by flattening their necks and giving a few mock strikes before a real one.

Death adders are mostly nocturnal animals that are very short, and thick with a horn raised above their eye. As opposed to most snakes, they do not normally try to escape from humans and so they are most often stepped on accidentally. They have the longest fangs out of any snake in the area, so their bites can be very dangerous.

To complete this list is the copperhead family. What differentiates this snake from others is it’s ability to function in colder temperatures; it is actually the only snake that you will see above the snow line. When these snakes are born, they already have the ability to strike with venom that is toxic enough to cause a lot of harm to humans.

In conclusion, even though there are six of the most venomous snakes in Australia, for the most part, they keep to themselves. However, if you do find yourself bitten, it is crucial to seek medical attention immediately for the best case of survival.