black mamba snake

Just hearing the term “snake” can already make one feel frightened. It is no more a surprise since most snake species are dangerous and deadly due to their venomous bites. Among the most venomous from the species is the Black Mamba snake.

This snake species is said to be the longest from the group of venomous snakes that can be found in Africa. It is also among the deadliest. The snake has powerful venom that already instilled fear in many people. Black Mambas can move very fast and are aggressive, which they often use when striking.

Black Mamba Snake As a Venomous Reptile

The Black Mamba snakes are brown in color. Their name was derived from that blue-black color that can be seen inside their mouths, which they automatically display once threatened. Their species has been linked to several human deaths, which is further worsened with the African myths that refer to its capability. The combination of this led to Black Mambas becoming the deadliest snake in the world.
This species of snake can be found in rocky hills and savannas in the eastern and southern part of Africa. Its length can reach up to 14 feet. Being the fastest snake in the world as well, this reptile can slither at the speed of 12.5 mph or 20 kmph.

Their Behavior

Black Mamba snakes are aggressive, but the first defensive move they do at most is to escape once threatened. But this changes when they are cornered – they attack. Coming from a fast species of snake, they can always manage to escape threats. The known deadly threat surrounding these snakes only occurs in certain circumstances. One good example of this is when they have their eggs present with them. They tend to simply strike as well if they feel agitated. The way they strike makes them able to remove one third of their body from the surface, which is amazing when seen, but deadly to the one being attacked!
This behavior of theirs is the same reason why there is not yet much knowledge gathered about them. Their speed and ability to hide well make it more unsafe for experts to analyze their behavior in their habitat.

Their Diet

This species of snake is often found in trees where they can also find enough food for them. Living in trees also gives them enough means to stay hidden. It can be said that these snakes are patient ones since they tend to wait until a source of food comes along. When it does, they immediately bite it and inject their strong venom. Their prey will only be released as soon as they are done and it becomes immobile.

Their Venomous Bite

It became natural for humans to take caution when a Black Mamba snake is around. Aside from its strong venom, it can also strike quickly, which makes them more dangerous. Based on the report, plantation laborers are the most often ones bit by these snakes. These people naturally work by their hand. The snake, however, is in a color that easily makes them blend in, making it hard to notice them. One will never know if there is a present Black Mamba until they are bitten.
This risk made it a must for anti venom to be present in the plantation at all times to counteract the effect of the venom. It needs to be injected as well within a 20-minute time span before it is too late.

Is Black Mamba capable of killing human ?

This kind of snake uses highly toxic venom to kill its prey. If a man accidentally get a bite from black mamba, and there is no rapid antivenom treatment available, he can expect his death within 20 to 60 minutes. This time duration may vary depends on the nature of bite. The minimum recorded time of death is calculated as 20 minutes. So a bite from black mamba is also called – “kiss Of Death”