Do Brown Snakes Chase You? See The Truth.

People mostly ask a special question that do brown snakes chase you or are snakes deaf. As humans have started occupying more space, there is less space for animals. Most of the time animals and humans are living in the same place.

do brown snakes chase you

Some poisonous reptiles species can come in contact with humans. Snakes are one of the most notorious reptiles because there are so many myths about them.

There are some common misconceptions regarding snakes which are given here.

All snakes are poisonous:

This is not true as there are many species of snakes that are non-poisonous. The green anaconda, milk snake, and most of the python species either do not have poison in them or the strength of poison is not enough to do lethal harm.

Snakes are deaf:

It is also a misconception that snakes are deaf. The fact is snakes can hear much better as they have inner ears. The snakes can feel the ground vibrations and clearly hear low pitched sounds.

Placing milk outside attracts snakes:

It is believed that if you will place a bowl of milk openly in your home, it will attract snakes. People in some countries do not place milk outside so that snakes will not come in their home. The fact is the snakes like to eat food rich in protein. If you will place milk outside there is really less chance that they will come to get you.

Snakes will come to bite you:

There is a big hoax that all the snakes will chase you and will bite you if you will go near them. This misunderstanding of snakes comes from some cases when the snakes were seen going after the humans and it appeared that they wanted to bite them.

When the scene was fully analyzed, it was observed that the snake is not going to bite. The man was standing between the snake and the snake’s shelter area. Snakes want to keep themselves safe so they like to save energy.

For a snake to chase you, is not a rational decision for the snake. It is better for the snake to find food and shelter with this energy.

There is one chance in which snake might want to come after you. The reason can be that you stepped on the snake and now snake considers you as a threat for its life.

People who ask “do brown snakes chase you” have mostly heard of some myths about the snakes. On the other hand, the fact is brown snakes do not chase you in most situations except for situations similar to what we have mentioned above.

Photo credit: WARNING very angry eastern brown snake

Watch this video to see the above-said fact is true.