The Venomous Snake – The 4 Most Deadly

There’s good reason why so many people from every country around the globe are afraid of snakes – they can be very highly venomous, and thus they can be deadly. Here we discuss the 4 most deadly snakes in the world.

4. Blue Krait (The Malayan)

indian blue krait snakeThe 4th most venomous snake in the world is The Blue Krait (also called The Malayan). It is located throughout South East Asia. As many as 50% of those who suffer a bite actually die from it, even when anti-venim is administered.

Kraits don’t merely bite humans however. They hunt and kill other snakes and will even prey on their own kind. They hunt and are more aggressive during the night. Generally, they tend to be relatively timid of humans.

The Krait’s venom is described as a neurotoxin, and is 16 times more potent than the Cobra. When it strikes, the venom causes muscle paralysis. This is then followed by muscle cramping, tremors, as well as spasms, culminating in paralysis.

Due to their nocturnal nature, bites from Kraits are rare. Death generally occurs within 6 to 12 hours of a strike. Regardless the victim of a bite makes it to the hospital, fatalities are common due to hypoxia.


3. Eastern Brown Snake

eastern brown snakeThe Eastern Brown snake takes 3rd spot on the list of the most venomous snakes in the world. It may not sound like it’s going to pack a punch due to its’ somewhat innocuous name. However, you’d be wrong to think so. This venomous snake can kill an adult in full-health with only 1/14,000 ounce of venom. Their preferred habitat is generally around majorly populated areas in Australia.

The snake is not always aggressive. Nevertheless, it has been known to chase and strike at potential victims. The venom consists of blood coagulants and neurotoxins. They react to movement so should you ever be confronted by one, it’s a wise precaution to stay as still as possible.



2. Inland Taipan

inland taipanThe Inland Taipan or Fierce Snake as it’s otherwise named takes 2nd spot on our list of most venomous snakes. It is the most toxic land snake to be found in the world. A single bite carry’s as much as 110mg of venom. To put that into some perspective, that’s enough to kill 250,000 mice, or 100 fully-grown humans! Further, it’s 50 times more venomous than the Cobra.

It’s good to know that this snake is not overly aggressive and humans experience rare encounters. In fact, no fatalities have ever been recorded. Nevertheless, should it strike, an adult human potentially would die within a matter of a mere 45 minutes.


1. Belcher’s Sea Snake

belchers Sea SnakeNumber one on the list of the most venomous snakes in the world goes to the Belcher’s Sea Snake.

Merely a few milligrams of venom are enough to kill 1,000 healthy adults! Nevertheless, the snake tends to be reasonably docile, and only ¼ of bites will actually contain venom.

The snake is found in the waters around Northern Australia and South East Asia.

And there we have it. The list of the top 4 most venomous snakes in the world. Is there any reason to be afraid of snakes? You can be very sure of it!



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