What Are The Most Venomous Snakes In United States

There is no need to wander too far out of an urban landscape to find deadly snakes in United States.The states have a large variety of poisonous snakes that should be taken very seriously. Read on to find out more about some well known deadly American snakes. It is important to either recognize these snakes or keep a wide distance from any potential reptilian foe that could be encountered. Never pursue or attempt to restrain a snake. Especially a snake that could be deadly.

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Coral Snake

Of the four types of deadly snakes in United States one of the most frightening to encounter would be the Coral Snake. This is a snake of great beauty with its stripes colored bright red, yellow, and black. They range in the Southern US and especially the state of Florida. They are not typically aggressive, but have a bite loaded with venom that can kill a full grown man. The King Snake has similar striped markings and is docile as well as nonvenomous. This can be a confusing situation. Better not to test it.


Cottonmouth Moccasin

The second major snake is the Cottonmouth Moccasin. This black snake has dark markings and a bright white inner mouth. The color of cotton, which lends to its name. They can be aggressive and hunt on both land and in water. Moccasins typically hunt after dark in swampy areas and wetlands. A bite from a Cottonmouth is filled with hemotoxic venom and will cause a great loss of blood. Defiantly a snake to avoid in the wild.


Rattle Snake

The third, and most common, snake type is the Rattle Snake. This hearty snake ranges from Canada through South America. Rattlesnakes can come with a variety of intricate markings, but all of these cousins share the rattle at the very tip of their tail. These predators typically hunt in the daytime hours. Usually the more rattles a snake has, the older it is. Though they can be fun to look at and hear, avoiding any area with rattler activity is best.


Copperhead Snake

The last major group of venomous snakes in United States is the Copperhead Snake. This pit-viper is named for its orange-red coloring. They range half of USA and prefer dry or rocky areas. They usually frequent areas where they can blend easily into their surroundings. Copperheads are highly venomous and can be aggressive when frightened or hungry.

All of these snakes, and more, can be found ranging over the less populated areas of the country. It is not absolutely unheard of to find one of these reptiles slithering through a suburban neighbour hood, and so some knowledge on them important for anyone.

Overall, these snakes can be wondrous to see if you keep space between yourself and the snakes. Do not ever attempt to catch or handle one of these snakes. To do so could result in grave circumstances. If you do end up with a snake bite, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Some venom acts fast and can have permanent side effects. Have fun and stay safe out there.

images courtesy:  en.wikipedia.org