What Is The Most Venomous Desert Snake?

most venomous desert snakeWhen researching different types of snakes, you notice that each region has it’s own species that promotes the greatest risk. There is such variety in types of snakes, types of environments, foods, and killing methods. One of the most fascinating species is the most venomous desert snake, which some experts refer as the inland taipan.

This dangerous snake is known for it’s fierceness because of the immense strength of it’s venom. One study reported that a mere drop of venom from a taipan can kill up to 100 grown men. In times past, they used to refer to this snake as the “two-step” snake, because after it bit you, you had two steps left before you die.

This particular species is native to the dry deserts of central Australia and is rarely spotted in coastal regions. One can be grateful that they live in remote areas because their poison is extremely toxic- it causes the victim to gradually become paralyzed eventually compromising the breathing capabilities if not given immediate medical attention. Another side effect of their bites is interfering with the body’s normal anti-coagulation cascade, potentially causing the victim to bleed to death internally. Toxins from the venom also cause the muscles and tissues to break down, these free floating molecules can cause severe kidney damage by blocking the tubules and preventing them from cleaning our blood.

The taipan species can grow up to eight feet long and have fangs are that 12 millimeters long. This snake has a lighter coloring in the summer and darkens in the winter- all to aid it in regulating it’s body temperature more efficiently.

For the most part, the most venomous desert snake targets small birds, mammals, and rodents for food. They have an impressively accurate strike that surges the venom deep into it’s prey, generally they strike numerous times. It does not take very long for the unsuspecting victim to die, and subsequently be eaten, by this predator. They are helpful in keeping the rat population down in those areas which can, on occasion, reach plague proportions.

What is extra impressive is that modern science and medical professionals have been able to discover a powerful anti-venom, that when given promptly, has the power to save lives. Most noteworthy is the fact that there has yet to be a human fatality from this creature. Understandably, part of this statistic can be attributed to the rarity and shyness of this animal- living in an area of the world where they are not often in contact with humans.

To conclude, there are so many fascinating and amazing features about the world’s most venomous desert snake! When you take the time to examine how intricately they are designed, the skill and ferocity of their bite, the potency of their venom, their native habitat and habits, they are actually extremely interesting! While it is true that none of us want to stumble across an inland taipan in it’s natural environment, they still are without a doubt an awe-inspiring snake.