What To Do If You Get Snake Biten

It is every persons nightmare; you are walking down a trail and completely out of nowhere a snake takes a hold of your ankle and bites you. What are you supposed to do? The first thing you should do is not panic. A majority of snake bites are superficial wounds and are not poisonous. However, poisonous or not, you must understand how to treat a snake bite if you are going to be exposing yourself. Below we will discuss some of the best ways to treat a snake bite effectively.

1. Call Emergency Services.

Obviously, when you get bitten by a snake, you are going to want to call emergency services and/or go straight to a hospital. A lot of snake bites are not poisonous. However, when you do get bitten by one that is, immediate medical care is 100% necessary and sometimes can save your life. You should call the emergency services number and/or head on over to an emergency clinic or hospital immediately.

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2. Always remember what the snake looked like.

It is going to be essential to describe the details of the snake to the health professionals. The reason is the will be able to identify whether or not you are in immediate danger and to determine what type of antivenom you will need. You should try to take a mental capture in your mind about what the snake looked like, the patterns, and the body. If you would need to get closer to the snake, obviously do not do it. If you cannot get a good look at the snake just do not worry about it and move on. You are not going to want to put yourself in more harms way to get a look at the snake.

If you have someone near you, ask them to remember the details of the snake. They will likely be able to remember more clearly due to the fact that they have not been bitten, and they do not have the same levels of stress that you do. Have them try to write it down in their mobile phone for best storage, or even take a picture with it?

3. Move far away from the snake.

You are going to want to get out of the snakes range of movement. You do not want to continue to stand in the snakes path. You should head on over to a safe location, far away from where the snake bite occurred. You are not going to want to run away because the snake will sense this motion and attack again. Also, if you did get bitten by a poisonous snake, you do not want to increase your blood flow. The venom will be dispersed and spread quicker through your body.

4. Remain still and motionless if you are waiting for help.

You are going to want to lie very still and motionless preferably if you are waiting for help to arrive. This is to avoid getting your heart rate up. You want to take all the precautions necessary.
Do not try to suck blood from the snake bite wound, because if you have wounds in your mouth, the snake venom pass through that wounds to your blood streams. it is too dangerous.

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